Leading Through Out Your Cloud Adoption Journey

For a seamless enterprise cloud adoption, technical capabilities like platforms, security, processes need to be in sync with organizational values. Further, industry-specific compliance in domains like finance and healthcare necessitates robust and compliant data security and privacy. At Auroplex, we support companies through all cycles of the cloud adoption journey with our expertise in the areas of data, cloud computing and security.

Our Capabilities

To Help You Compose State-Of-The-Art Technologies

We ensure that organizations reach the right destination through their cloud adoption journey. We build a roadmap for them with our expertise in every cloud approach. Be it a public, private or hybrid, we provide a full spectrum of cloud strategy services.

Readiness Analysis | Adoption Roadmap & Strategy | Architecture Audit | Security Roadmap | Multi-Cloud Adoption Strategy

We make complex migrations easy. With our migration services, we ensure cloud adoption and migration is superior, seamless and speedy. Top of all, we provide a cost-efficient transition with no impact on business. We have the subject expertise that helps you run your analytics applications faster on the cloud.

Migration Assessment | Workloads | Cloud Transition | Performance Testing

At aurotek, we ensure cloud adoption that matches with your requirements. We leverage our expertise across services, including GCP, Azure, Hana, Salesforce, Oracle and AWS, to ensure cloud security, availability and scalability and avail infra that is the best fit for you.

Data Center Consulting | Private Cloud | Infra & Application Deployment

We consider existing cloud governance policies significantly. Data security is our priority. Hence, we help companies adopt new processes with existing IT governance that is unique to computing. We ensure cloud integration with the legacy landscape and help you monitor it seamlessly.

Governance Life Cycle | Cloud Security | Risk Management

We enable cloud optimization and scalability of the ecosystem with a unified platform. We ensure high cloud performance with consistent processes and end-to-end visibility into infra and applications.

Automation & DevOps | Disaster Recovery | Optimization | Reports & Risk Management

Why Us?

Threefold Reasons To Let Us Lead In Your Cloud Journey


we run assessments to deliver a strategic cloud adoption roadmap that is best for your organization and help you with key decisions in cloud deployment and management.


We help you migrate to the cloud faster and scale, ensuring alignment of your IT and business goals.


We help enterprises to monitor and manage cloud with robust platforms for complete visibility, which helps to increase productivity and innovation.